S-Bond Technologies is a materials technology company providing bonding solutions for a broad range of materials. Currently, our facilities are located in Lansdale, Pennsylvania, USA, and are dedicated to providing S-Bond active solders and soldering and brazing assembly services. S-Bond Technologies creates and supports assembly solutions for applications across many markets, including electronics, defense, aerospace, and general industrial markets.

Since 2002, S-Bond Technologies has been providing patented active solders and bonding solutions utilizing our unique joining methods and our specially formulated active solders. Our S-Bond solders facilitate flux free, low temperature joining of materials such as dissimilar metals, intermetallics, ceramics, glasses, carbides and composites. In addition to our S-Bond active solders, S-Bond Technologies provides development, prototype and production bonding services along with Helium leak testing and ultrasonic C-Scan scanning services.

S-Bond Technologies has over 6,500 square feet of engineering, development and manufacturing space dedicated to providing bonding solutions for our customers. This space includes ovens, hot plates, ultrasonic agitation tools and presses as well as a fully equipped assembly facility. In addition to our products and bonding services, S-Bond Technologies also offers Helium leak check and ultrasonic C-Scan testing for assuring the integrity of S-Bond joints and other customer components.

S-Bond Technologies is directed by its founder, Dr. Ronald Smith, whose team first developed S-Bond active solder technology in the late 1990’s as a new technique for joining metals, ceramics and composites. Prior to S-Bond’s inception, Dr. Smith spent 10 years at GE Gas Turbine and GE Aircraft Engine, followed by 10 years at Drexel University conducting joining, coating and thermal spray research. While at Drexel University, Dr. Smith founded Materials Resources International (MRi), a materials technology R&D company. He left Drexel to manage MRi as President in 1996, and subsequently launched S-Bond Technologies in 2002. With over 30 years of research, operations and industrial engineering experience, Dr. Smith continues to be the driving force in S-Bond’s manufacturing capabilities as well as its materials research and development efforts. He chairs the American Welding Society (AWS) C3 Brazing and Soldering Committee which manages many of the industrial brazing and soldering specifications and educational materials. Internationally recognized for his contributions in materials science and engineering, Dr. Smith is also a Fellow of ASM International.

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