Heat Sinks

S-Bond fluxless solder joining offers distinct advantages when bonding large flat areas of aluminum and copper. Specifically, there is no flux or flux residue entrapment in the interface areas which would result in a reduced bond area and subsequent flux leach-out.

S-Bond joins well to copper, aluminum and even composite materials of the same base such as Al:SiC and Cu-G. The use of our solder when joining heat sinks increases the overall bond area and reduces the number of processing steps. S-Bond frequently offers a lower total end-cost product compared to conventional soldering or braze joining since plating and flux cleanup is not required. This reduces waste by eliminating plating baths, flux fume removal, and residual flux cleaning.

In addition to passive heat sinks, actively cooled cold plates also use copper or aluminum tubes, which are typically bonded into aluminum plates to reduce weight and optimize thermal conductivity. Alternatively, cold plates may have machined passages that need to be covered and sealed to contain the cooling fluid. S-Bond has been an effective joining solution for assembling Al-Al, Cu-Cu and Al-Cu cold plates.

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