Custom Alloys

Tailoring Active Solders

S-Bond Technologies expertise is “active” solder compositions which rely on the additions of active metals (Ti, Hf, Zr) and rare earth elements to solder base compositions. We can develop formulations that either have a specific melting range or a element additions which modify strength, corrosion, or creep. Alloys can also be tailored to have base compositions that are more economical. for example elimination of silver (Ag).

Reasons for Other Compositional Requirements

  • Specific melting range
  • Lower cost
  • Strength
  • Electrical or Thermal Conductivity
  • Thermal Expansion
  • Element restrictions

If you did not see an alloy in our Solder Alloy page that suits your application, we can consider your requirements and may be able to develop active solder compositions that meed your needs

Contact Us and consult with our experts regarding your special needs and requirements.

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