Aluminum Bonding

Aluminum Bonding

Aluminum can be conventionally bonded and or soldered  using active S-Bond® alloys without the use of aggressive fluxes to break through the natural surface oxide film and allow bonding.

S-Bond aluminum bonding may be an excellent substitute to your current aluminum joining processes. Cycle times may be reduced and, especially with thermally sensitive applications or low piece lots, the limited tooling and ease of set up for S-Bond joining can significantly reduce costs.

Active S-Bond® solders readily used in aluminum bonding,  and for bonding copper and  aluminun to  copper. The S-Bond solder filler metals react quickly and irreversibly with these  metals to make a strong metallurgical aluminum bond.. S-Bond’s low joining process temperature preserves the hardness and strength of the base aluminum making the finished component stronger and less distorted and discolored compared to brazing.

There are a range of S-Bond alloys available with different service temperatures from 100°C to 390°C. These same products also join well to copper, aluminum silicon carbide, and other thermal management materials and allow cost effective, fluxless bonding of complete thermal management  assemblies.

Applications include:

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