Electrical Power & Power Electronics

Electrical power components often require dissimilar metals bonding to make components that include high power switch gear, resistors and capacitors for electrical power transmission to high power converters based on integrated bi-polar gated transistors (IGBT’s) for converting AC / DC power in transformers.

S-Bond® joins a wide variety of materials, such as:

  • Metals
  • Dissimilar metals
  • Ceramics to metals
  • Semiconductors to metallic heat sinks

S-Bond is capable of joining ceramic insulators to metal capacitor cases, creating robust hermetic seals for dielectric fluids stored in the capacitor case. S-Bond also bonds cold plates to cool IGB modules, creating interconnects between dissimilar metal conductors. S-Bond is an advanced joining solution in applications where good thermal and electrical contact is needed or whenever ceramic insulator materials are joined to metals.

Contact Us to see how S-Bond can be your assembly solution for creating interconnects in components for electrical power generation, conversion and transmission. Also refer to our Technical & Applicaton White Papers and Blog for additional and updated information.

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