Our patented S-Bond® active solders offer bonding solutions that are flux free, with no pre-plating required. Our S-Bond alloys bond metals, ceramics, glasses and composites and are capable of producing hermetic joints with excellent thermal and electrical conductivity. S-Bond active solders are available in a range of bonding temperatures maintaining structural properties of metals and providing, when needed for soldering process hierarchy. S-Bond low temperature bonding processes mean reduced thermal expansion mismatch when joining dissimilar materials.

S-Bond materials are available in various forms and are also offered in research kits to assist our customers with product evaluation and bonding trials. Please see the pages below for details on specific products.

Solutions & Services

In addition to its innovative active solder alloys, S-Bond Technologies provides a wide range of Bonding Services such as solder assembly, ultrasonic soldering and vacuum brazing. Engineering Services include ultrasonic C-Scan NDT Bond Inspection. See our S-Bond Solutions and Services section of our website.

To learn more about the S-Bond active soldering processes, see S-Bond Technology and Technical Resources sections of this website.

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