S-Bond® active solder joining is being used in the thermal management of components, specifically for cooling high speed computing electronic packages. S-Bond can join ceramics, including low temperature co-fired ceramics (LTCCs), to metals to form a very conductive thermal interface and reliable metal bond. S-Bond alloys have been demonstrated to directly bond to silicon and other semi-conductors, without the need for metallization or corrosive fluxes. A range of solder temperature alloys are available that will permit hierarchical bonding in multi-level chip packages that have various solder assembly/reflow cycles.

S-Bond is Lead (Pb) -free and RoHS compliant. Its active nature enables fluxless, contamination free joining of sensitive electronic circuitry. Assisted by ultrasonic soldering systems, such active solders are replacing conventional soldering connections in special circuit board level interconnections.

S-Bond joining is playing an increasingly more important role in the cooling of high power electronics through heat sinks and liquid cooled cold plates. Again, the fluxless, contamination free aluminum bonding, aluminum soldering, the bonding of Cu and other conductive metals, along with the ability to bond to semiconductors and  for ceramic metal bonding. All capabiities enable S-Bond to address the joining and assembly of thermal management components that are cooling electronics, such as high power transistors (IGBT’s) used increasingly in power conversion and conditioning equipment. S-Bond has also been shown to be able to join to many emerging advance materials for graphite bonding in electronics thermal management, such as graphite foams, diamond, pyrolitic graphite and most recently carbon nanotubes.

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