Energy & Electrical Power

Electrical power generation and distribution handle high voltages and currents. Their components rely heavily on the use of conductors such as copper, aluminum and carbon/graphite in combination with highly insulating materials such as porcelain, alumina and quartz. With emerging interest in alternative power generation such as solar and wind, the use of semi-conductors (silicon solar panels) and batteries for energy storage, there is more commercial interest in assembly technologies that can reliably join a wide variety of conductors, insulators and semi-conductors in cost effective, reliable and environmentally acceptable ways. S-Bond active solders are Pb-fee, do not use fluxes that generate hazardous by-products and meet the exacting requirements of long life power generation and distribution.

S-Bond is being used to make cooling plates for transformers and storage batteries for producing power storage battery interconnects and is being adopted to join insulators in high power capacitors and switch gears used on power distribution equipment. Electrical power transmission on rotating and moving linear device components is often conducted through carbon brushes that are attached to metal conductors (Al and Cu). S-Bond has been shown to have a unique ability to solder join carbon, without flux, directly to metal surfaces without relying on conductive plating on the carbon brush materials.

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