S-Bond Soldering Kits

S-Bond Technologies offers a series of different S-Bond Soldering Kits as a way to experiment with the use of our S-Bond materials in applications. Each kit provides choice of our S-Bond alloys and a CD manual outlining how best to apply and activate the material. Other kits offer tools for mechanically activate the S-Bond alloys.

More advanced kits offer additional tools for conducting joining tests, such as hot plates, and telephone/email application engineering assistance.

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  • Test Kits: this kit provides a smaller amount of S-Bond alloy for customers to evaluate the alloys in their application.
  • Introductory Kits: this kit contains additional material and common tools for applying the materials.
  • Standard Kits: this kit is for experienced customers seeking to develop a specific application and need additional tools.
  • Deluxe Kits: a complete kit with all of the tools needed to do S-Bond® joining right from the box, including hot plate (for US power only)

See our Technical Resources pages for additional information on our S-Bond Soldering Kits, materials, processing, and application.

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