Welcome to the new S-Bond blog!

We are pleased to introduce our Blog as part of our commitment to communicate effectively with our customers, our prospective customers and anyone interested in our S-Bond, active solder bonding technology. This blog will feature news, technical updates, application updates, and general discussions about bonding and assembly of components.

We look forward to you visting our website and participating in the blog. As the blog develops interest, we hope to have good discussions about the active solder joining and related bonding technology and applications. Feel free to comment in our blog space.

S-Bond Active Solder Bonding

S-Bond was developed between 1995 – 2005 during which the materials and process technology has progressed to encompass the joining of most metals, semiconductors, ceramics and many composites of metals/ceramics. Key to the success of S-Bond active solders are they contain combinations of active metals such as titanium with rare earths such as cerium. These very active solders permit fluxless joining and eliminates the need for Ni or Cu plating before solder joining. SBT has also developed methods to actively solder bond and hermetically seal ceramics such as Al2O3, sapphire, quartz and zirconia. Please review our website, www.s-bond.com and take a look at our brochure and technical literature on the site. We would appreciate if you would share this blog and our website with your colleagues and customers, as S-Bond is an excellent solution for many dissimilar materials bonding applications. (more…)