Ceramic-Metal Bonding – Metalization of Ceramics and Vacuum Seals by Morgon Technical Ceramics

Dissimilar Metals JoiningThe joining of ceramics to metals creates its own engineering challenges that require specialist expertise.

Morgan Technical Ceramics are favored in a wide range of electronics and engineering applications for their chemical and mechanical properties. Compared to metals, they are stronger in compression, especially at higher temperatures, they have a good thermal stability (i.e. a low coefficient of thermal expansion) and good thermal and electrical resistivity. They are also hard, and have excellent dimensional stability.

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Ceramic Bonding Is Ultra-Stable For Space Missions

Ceramic Bonding Ultra-Stable For Space MissionsA new ultra-stable adhesive identified through ESA research could be a key to assembling rock-solid structures for space, including large telescopes, instruments and antennas to peer deeper into the cosmos or sharpen views of our terrestrial environment. The ceramic bonding promises composite structures of several meters rigid down to a few thousandths of a millimeter. Such stability will be essential for new classes of space mission.

The challenge is greatest for optical, radio and other precision instruments, where rigidity is essential.

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