S-Bond to Sell EWI’s Lead-free, Fluxless Solder

S-Bond Technologies and EWI have signed an agreement granting S-Bond Technologies the ability to distribute EWI’s patented lead-free, fluxless solder marketed by EWI as EWI SonicSolder®. The agreement is effective immediately. SonicSolder® is an active solder that permits the cost effective fluxless joining of aluminum, copper, other metals, glass, and ceramics without the need for plating.

Dr. Ronald Smith, President of S-Bond Technologies stated, “We are pleased to partner with EWI in growing the application of active, fluxless solder joining technologies. We see our partnership with EWI and our licensing of its SonicSolder® technology as an enhancement to our own patented active solder product line, S-Bond® and broadens our capabilities to provide more cost effective assembly solutions.”  Henry Cialone, President and CEO of EWI said, “We’re excited to partner with S-Bond Technologies, further leveraging our patent in the marketplace. The partnership gives S-Bond a nice addition to its already strong portfolio of solder that will hopefully open up new markets for them with its cost-effective pricing.”

About EWI SonicSolder®
EWI SonicSolder® is an EWI patented binary lead-free solder alloy that melts at 231°C. In conjunction with ultrasonic soldering, it can be used to join difficult-to-wet materials like aluminum, titanium, glass, and ceramics and dissimilar materials. Potential applications include tubing, electronics, medical products, and structural components. In various metal-metal (copper, aluminum, titanium) combinations, shear
strength of about 5 ksi has been obtained. The solder will be available in a variety of forms in early 2010 but currently ingot materials can be purchased. For more information, visit www.s-bond.com

About EWI

EWI is a leading engineering and technology organization dedicated to materials joining and allied technologies. We provide applied research, manufacturing support, and strategic services to nearly 2,800 member company locations of global leaders in the aerospace, automotive, defense, energy and chemical, government, heavy manufacturing, and electronics industries. Visit ewi.org for more information.