What is S-Bond® 220?

S-Bond 220 is a solder material (Sn-Ti-Ag) and a process by which most materials, including dissimilar metallic and ceramic materials can be joined. It is a new family of solders, developed and patented by S-Bond Technologies. The material is an activated solder with elements added to the alloy that react with surfaces during joining and adhere to any surface films that normally disrupt wetting and bonding. The characteristics of S-Bond 220 include:
– Joining Temperature(s):
250 – 270oC (480 – 580 oF)
– Tensile Strengths:
>28-100 MPa (4,100 – 7,000 psi)

3 Responses

  1. Ladies and Gentlemen,

    we are interested in mounting your pocofoam on a copper plate. To this end we learned from your Applicaiton Bulletin that we need your S-Bound alloy 220. Is there a source in Europe for this solder? In any case, could you please provide us with details on price an delivery time?
    Thank you & kind regards,
    Ulrich Krackhardt, Managing Director of EXTOLL GmbH

  2. Hi,

    I’m interested in bonding either Machinable tungsten or Copper to aluminum nitride with your sbond 220. I’m wondering if the bonding agent is forgiving? Meaning if I bond .25″ copper on either side of .25″ thick AIN, would the ceramic crack if I heated the assembly up to 100-120C and then back down to room temp several times? Copper expands much more than the ceramic so I’m wondering if the Sbond would flex? This isn’t much temp change so maybe it would?
    I guess the other option is using the machinable W, although its much more expensive and doesn’t conduct as well.