Cambridge Nanotherm First Independent Test Thermal Management Substrates LEDs

Thermal Management TechnologyCambridge Nanotherm has published results of a round of testing of several thermal PCB materials intended for use in LEDs, including its Nanoceramic thermal management substrates for LEDs. The tests were conducted by The LIA Laboratories (part of The LIA – Europe’s largest lighting trade association) and showed Cambridge Nanotherm’s thermal management technology outperforming all the thermal management substrates tested in terms of its thermal conductivity.

The LIA Laboratories test used 4 x 50 watt Intelligent LED Solutions Oslon 16+ PowerClusters mounted on four different MCPCB (Metal Clad PCB) substrates from leading manufacturers. Thermocouples measured the cluster and heat sink temperature at multiple locations. A calibrated integrating sphere measured the Lumens output.

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