How GM Will Use Multiple Aluminum Joining Technologies in the New Cadillac

Multiple Aluminum Joining Technologies in the New CadillacIn manufacturing engineering, the search for the “best way” to fasten components into subassemblies is a major part of the job. There are lots of options, spot welding has been the method of choice for decades.

Now that aluminum is becoming the preferred unibody construction material, General Motors is using a novel mixed approach to building the new Cadillac CT6 large sedan.

The Cadillac CT6 will use 7 different ways to join body parts.

Low-cost aluminum joining technologies could make lower volume sub-assemblies more economical.

“Never before has an automaker brought this combination of joining techniques together for a single vehicle,” said Travis Hester, CT6 executive chief engineer. “The manufacturing team has enabled body engineers to optimize the vehicle for mass, safety, stiffness and materials with more precision than ever.
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