S-Bond Technologies Introduces Expanded Bonding Services

S-Bond Technologies is expanding it bonding services in materials bonding to include Materials Processing & Metallurgical Services for assisting manufacturers with their manufacturing challenges. With over 35 years of experience in metallurgical and materials processing, its principle, Dr. Ronald Smith, is offering his experience as well as the experience of a network of experts to assist manufacturers with their more complex materials requirements and more varied processes, including joining (welding, brazing, soldering and diffusion bonding), thermal treatments (controlled atmospheres, vacuum, carburizing and nitriding), coatings (thermal spray, diffusion, vapor deposition , electro-plating, etc.), and other special processes. Services also include metallurgical analysis and mechanical testing of materials aimed at understanding the materials and manufactured components.
Many products and technical systems depend critically on materials that provide advanced structural, electrical, thermal, optical and other properties that enable their capabilities. From energy conversion to bioengineered products, a manufacturer is faced with a myriad of materials and related processes that need to be integrated to work together, creating the properties and structure of materials. With the wide range of materials and processes that are available today and are emerging, many manufacturers cannot afford to have in-house experience so seek outside suppliers and consultants to assist. S-Bond Technologies services are aimed at supporting manufactures, providing the materials and materials processing expertise that they need.
If your company has a need that requires metallurgical expertise, Contact us and we can assist to find the most optimum solutions for your manufacturing problems and help your products meet the requirements and expectations of your customers.


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