S-Bond Announces New Ultrasonic Assisted Solder Welding

Ultrasonic Assisted Solder Welding: S-Bond S-Bond Technologies has developed an ultrasonic assisted soldering process for making active solder filler metal joints and seals on aluminum assemblies. The process is similar to MIG welding processes in which filler metal wires are fed into a moving arc to create a weld fillet. In Ultrasonic Assisted Solder “Welding”, an ultrasonic solder tip serves as the heat source to melt the solder wire, instead of a welding arc. The heated tip melts S-Bond 220 wire solder which is continually fed to the solder tip. S-Bond active solder alloys melt at lower temperatures than the filler metals used in traditional MIG welding. Lower bonding temperatures are just one of the many processing advantages realized with Ultrasonic Assisted Solder Welding.

Ultrasonic Assisted Solder Welding Dr. Ronald Smith, President of S-Bond Technologies reports, “This solder-welding process will enable the sealing of thin aluminum sheets where normal MIG or TIG welding would burn through the aluminum because of its low melting temperature. S-Bond has successfully proven this process as an alternative for aluminum bonding applications.”

For more information on S-Bond Ultrasonic Assisted Solder Welding, please contact S-Bond Technologies at (215) 631-7114 x 102 or email [email protected].

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